Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Music Moment

I rarely purchase music any more thanks to this little program called Spotify.  If you don't have it, get on in.  I have been patiently waiting on the arrival of The Black Keys, El Camino for a while and sadly it has not appeared on Spotify so I broke down and downloaded it on iTunes.  What can I say?  The album rocks and the above video is hilarious and now each time I hear Lonely Boy I practically laugh out loud.  So far though my fave track on the album is Gold on the Ceiling.  Listen and love.  Happy Monday!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Everyone should work retail...

Throughout a great portion of my life and throughout school and law school (and currently BTW, lawyers are not immune to this horrible economy), I have supplemented my income by working retail.  For many years I worked at the Gap whose products and family of products (Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Piperlime) I continue to love as affordable options.  Throughout my retail tenure, I have witnessed some really interesting behavior towards the sales associates.  I have been yelled at, had jeans thrown at me, seen other people have credit cards thrown at them etc.  So I just wanted to take a hot minute to remind all the shoppers out there to be kind to your retail workers throughout the holidays!  They are people too!  Many store have extended hours for our shopping convenience but kids, when it's closing time, it's time to go home.  Remember that they too have families, friends and events to go to as well.  I have always subscribed to the idea that the customer is always right, but there are limits to that.  Also keep in mind that when they look for a size, style, color for you in the store and don't find it, there isn't some secret stash they are keeping from you and that as a sales associate they have no control over inventory or how many gift boxes they are sent.  (I once had a woman go ballistic on me because we ran out-my response to her was an annoyingly chipper HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!)  But I think that says it all really, the holidays are supposed to be a pleasant time to enjoy and be thankful for what you have in life.  Not what you don't.  And to all my fellow retail friends...GOOD LUCK!  See you on the flip side.  (Of the holidays that is.) 

(Photo courtesy of Daily Mobile

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rainy Days

In honor of what I think might be the first REAL rain Austin has seen in MONTHS.  Classic. 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Shake It

Ceremonials by Florence + The Machine has been on repeat on my Iphone since its release on Tuesday.  I was fortunate enough to see her perform at Austin City Live at Moody Theater this summer...for free!  She put on a fantastic show.  Not only is her voice huge and amazing, her movement and clothes (by Gucci!) made her seem otherworldly and nymph like.  This is my current favorite track Shake It Out.  Kind of perfect for a chilly Friday in November especially since I plan on shaking a little myself this weekend.  Happy Friday and enjoy! 

Gleek Out

  Lea Michele seems to get a bit of grief in the blogosphere for not being so friendly to fans etc. but no matter what you think of her attitude, sister gets it right nine times out of ten in my opinion.  I love this white, well after Labor Day, number.  She keeps the accessories to a minimum and those shoes are killer.  Killer as in amazing.  (photo courtesy of InStyle) 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sahara Smith

Sahara Smith is an Austin singer/songwriter that I recently discovered because she was on the cover of Austin Monthly.  Her first album, Myth of the Heart, was produced by T. Bone Burnett (of Crazy Heart fame and oh-so-much more), which is kind of a big deal.  I listen to this album almost non-stop lately on Spotify.  You must check it out!  And if you don't have Spotify yet, go there.  You can listen to newly released albums for free and create/save your playlists.  It is so much better than the randomness fo Pandora and the hit or miss situation with Grooveshark.  I am even considering Spotify premium so I can stream music wherever I go and listen in my car.  Sounds kind of amazing to me!


I first learned about Pinterest a few months ago and have become obsessed.  I love the fact that I can create a virtual inspiration board without all the tearing, cutting, pasting that I would regularly do for an inspiration board (although I still find that fun).  If you haven't checked out Pinterest yet, you should, and you too will soon be obsessed!  Follow me here: